Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sluts Skype Addys Please Help Me..what Shall I Do?

Please help me..what shall i do? - sluts skype addys

I am 23 and have two-year relationship with someone of the same age group. 3 months ago I found porn sites on my PC BF where you live makes sex on the Internet ( 's "History"). I showed him. He said he did not do anything because this site was that I had to pay for things.He told me that he loves me ... I have forgiven him, as he promised he would never do it again. Today I have discovered tha t a Skype account, and Yahoo Messenger, and create contacted ... bitches! He told me it was out of curiosity, just for tonight. He said it would delete the accounts. I have forgiven him again. But no, I feel the same. Sth Me.What defects inside I do? Please help me!


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